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Norse Fairy Tale Inspired RPG with Adult and Fetish Elements!

Dive into a pagan world that is brimming with strange and exotic creatures, occult magic and sexy troll girls. Go on an epic personal adventure through compelling protagonists as they struggle against the odds and the onslaught of calories, and see a fantasy world that's familiar but still unlike any you've seen before.

Equip yourself with powerful weapons, ancient artifacts, and a couple of antacids just in case!

  • Unique combat system that emphasizes skilled play, and quick reactions!
  • Classical RPG inspired stats and player progression!
  • Intricate gameplay systems that brings a fresh and novel experience!
  • Narrative storytelling and gameplay that will have the girls growing to new sizes!
StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsAdult, fetish, RPG Maker, stuffing, weight-gain


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This game is good for what it has so far. Got me hooked first chapter. Got me Brain Rotted second chapter and now Im going full monkey addict for more. ;u; I torture myself and wait eagerly for more.

i want to ask you when the new update release

and i wish you always give us anything new 

so i play the game and its so good i like the gameplay but the game its to short and theres just weight gain in the end of the game i hope you keep hard work cuz i like the game and i wish the new things dont be late

i'm having a hard time trying to go through the wolves and bears :(

Try to wait a little bit between the fights, and let your health regenerate

when roughly will the update come out??

i literally cant beat nora or whatever her name is once we get to the paigan land

As was pointed out by another reviewer, the difficulty of combat is way too high. I can't even beat one soldier. The combat system is extremely hard to time.


just finished the current content. Gotta admit, it looks fun! Can't wait for what's next to come!


Dude i think your caps lock is stuck lol


yeah sorry





I'll be real, im god awful at this kind of game so its been extremely frustrating. It is very well put together thought so I am banging ym head against the wall to progress. Taken me like 15 tries just to pass the first fight,

Same, I literally can't get past the first soldier fight because the timing and coordination is so insanely hard.

Took a lot of tries but I made it eventually, supposedly the more recent patch lowered the difficulty though.

Every update has lowered the difficulty so far. And it will be lowered again in v.0.2.0 - but I'm making more content before I release that.

The guard shouldn't be that much harder than the boars if you understand his "feint" attack. I might still lower his damage a bit since some people are struggling with him.

I definitely didnt really understand any of the special combat mechanics from the explanation. Took me into the later fights to really understand them. As I said previously I am not good at these types of games in particular but it is very neat that this actually is functioning. Very rarely do we see this kind of effort put into this kind of game. Probably just that a lot of people arent used to actual mechanics and want to get on with it.